About Us

About Rivendell Farm

Situated in the hills above Carmarthen, Rivendell Farm hasn’t been worked for many years, the house, barns outbuildings and fences all needed serious renovation, we’ve been working on this and the creation of a very special, ethical, sustainable way of raising rare breed animals using traditional methods of farming for 3 years now. [Find out more]


The Rivendell Farm Shop

Over the coming months we will be working on our online shop, for now please email us at info@rivendell-farm.co.uk if you are looking for farm produce or stock animals. We will do our best to supply you but some of our production is seasonal. [Find out more]

Contact Us

Contact Rivendell Farm

We’d like to hear from you with your thoughts and ideas about rare breed farming, for our products please visit the "Shop" section of the website.

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